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Caribbean Journey | Jamaica Day 1 Caribbean Journey | Jamaica Day 1

These behind the scenes imagesbehind the scenes images, while on a quest thru the Caribbean to find precious gems, diamonds and Columbian emeraldsColumbian emeralds, starts in Jamaica. I love to travel, make photographs and write about the images.

The day began watching a rainbow kissing the front of a CarnivalCarnival cruise ship. The great thing about cruise ships is you never have to worry about driving.

We went to shoot at the Good Hope Great HouseGood Hope Great House which began in 1774 as a sugar estate and grew into a village to support the workers after emancipation. In the 18th century, the Good Hope Estate belonged to John TharpJohn Tharpe, then the largest land and slave owner in Jamaica. Aside from Good Hope, Windsor Estate, the extensive Long Pond Estate and a number of other smaller sugar plantations in Trelawny belonged to Tharpe, who had as many as 3,000 slavesslaves to run the plantations.

In addition, Tharpe owned much of the prime waterfront property in FalmouthFalmouth, and his townhouse, now the Falmouth branch of the government tax office, is still one of the most elegant structures in the town.

The small village has some of the best examples of Georgian architecture in the island, and the churchyard has many old and interesting tombstones. At dawn, the Cockpit Country comes alive, and the energetic songs of wild birds float gently on the morning mists.

This place has amazing views, many Buddahs and is very well preserved and presented. You can ride the zip line or gone down the Martha Brae river on an inner tube. A restaurant serves jerk chicken on site. I led some talented people on a journey we will never forget. Thank you AniellaAniella, Ian, NateNate and JimmyJimmy. I love you all!

Take a look at these images in this galleryimages in this gallery which are available for license. Contact meContact me for more details.

Coming up on my next blog is a few photographs of Rose HallRose Hall Great House, Montego Bay. I saw a ghost while I was there!
Built in 1770, Rose HallRose Hall is a restored plantation house with beautiful ocean views. Legendary Annie Palmer (the White Witchthe White Witch) ruled here with cruelty and met a violent death. Today her home is adorned with period furniture and visitors can choose between a day tour or a spooky candlelit evening tour topped off with tales of ghost sightings. Check out this house when you are in Jamaica on Rose Hall Hwy, Rose Hall, Montego Bay.

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