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Home Art Commissions

ClientThe "M" FamilyLocationMiami, FL

Unique, innovative high-end interior wall decor tailored to your personality! Creating art that includes the inhabitants of a home is a special kind of commission for any artist.

I find immense joy in collaborating with individuals to curate a distinct ambiance within their living spaces. Here, it’s about fulfilling a couple’s yearning for bespoke artistic expressions. There’s an unparalleled satisfaction in witnessing someone immerse themselves in your creations adorning their walls.

My journey commences with a shared dedication to craft something exquisitely unique, intertwined with moments of conviviality over cups of coffee, glasses of wine, or perhaps even a splash of vodka. Together, we orchestrate a day of capturing the extraordinary, crafting imagery that is both profound and playful, all in the pursuit of crafting moments that resonate deeply.

My dedication to the craft is unwavering as I pour my heart and soul into crafting beauty. Through subsequent sessions of conviviality, a palpable bond forms, culminating in the transformation of mere walls into canvases adorned with exquisite beauty.

The living room marked the inception, Phase 1 of our artistic odyssey. Now, as we transition to Phase 2, the bedroom beckons, promising a new canvas upon which to weave our tapestry of aesthetic allure.