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Naturally Simple Light Naturally Simple Light

There is nothing like using the simplicity of natural light to capture a beautiful moment. That moment is the culmination of a careful calculation in so many ways.

In that 1/60th of a second it all comes together to create an illusion of feeling and emotion. All technical details including exposure and film speed have to be determined and the subject must be engaged and interested in what is going on. Taking a moment to run your eye around the viewfinder to see what is there before the release of the shutter button gives the lensman or woman complete control. The almost instant decision as to when to “click” is in itself a talent on its own.

Is capturing emotion really possible? Do you feel what the subject may be exuding and has the photographer successfully captured that moment? The effect of a photograph on a viewer is what makes us challenge ourselves to find or create that perfect moment. It all gets down to basic instinct. Besides that basic instinct a interested, engaged and willing subject must also be present. It is from them with that the complete combination that a 60th of a second can result in a successful image and a the capture of a magical moment.

Strobes, hot lights, fluorescents, soft boxes, umbrellas, ring lights and any other artificial lighting means we have the ability to create a beautiful “light” where no light may naturally exist. But it is that natural light one can find in so many situations that I believe to be most beautiful. The natural light from a big open garage door falls beautifully on a models face as the lights from the window behind her offer a natural kicker which separates the subject from the industrial background.

A careful pre-visualization of what is desired in the end result involves so many technical considerations that run thru my head simultaneously. I’m thinking about the film speed and eventual grain (a remnant feature of film long gone), the use of a fill card to keep the face flattering, the beautiful highlight on the subject’s hair from the windows offering a bit separation and the direction of a model who momentarily takes it to another level and then the magic moment is captured.

This particular model is a fresh face represented by Wilhelmina MiamiWilhelmina Miami. We did this “test” after a recent look book shoot for a local client. As she embarks on her life journey into the modeling world, and in my humble opinion, I do believe this girl has “it” and will be an incredible and successful professional model working at an exceptional level. Boy they did not make girls like this when I was 17!

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