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Hello World! Hello World!

I have been told I have some good stories so I am going to start to tell them. But not all at the same time. Its time to offer my opinions, give some advice, and tell the tales of my own personal photography’s adventures and conquests.

I will sound off on current topics and discussions saying things not all will agree with. I will seek out “guest bloggers” who are committed to the art and craft of photography.

My first blog will discuss how the digital era is affecting photography and the fact that “there are too many people out there who have no business referring to themselves as photographers”.

We have a slew of 40ish mid life crisis people who have purchased technology that allows them to “express themselves” by taking pictures and video with occasional success.

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PS – I am looking for photographically suitable human subjects to participate as willing collaborators in the process of their own individual art expression.

I will need you for two to three hours and you will end up getting totally wet!

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