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Harley Davidson motorcycles, not just an American Dream! Harley Davidson motorcycles, not just an American Dream!

In Italia si pronunci Harley Davidson.
I sverige uttalas det Harley Davidson.
In England it’s pronounced Harley Davidson.
Everywhere I went it was pronounced Harley Davidson!
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[vimeo https://vimeo.com/310628591 w=550&h=325]

In the summer of 1992 England went in recession after Saddam Hussien invaded Kuwait. I was living in London, broke up with my girlfriend, hopped on my Harley with my Nikon F3 and went camping in Europe. During that time I hit 14 countries, slept in my tent, in cheap hotels and on new friends couches. I made many beautiful images and met an economically diverse range of people. The world opened its arms up to a single guy traveling on his classic Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Today Donald Trump is our president. Some think he has in a modern way invaded the White House. The human condition of these two time periods feels similar. Has what is called the Great Recession really passed? The exploration of this question on an economically diverse group of people in the USA is calling to capture a minute part of reality.

In 1992 I unknowingly explored the human condition via spontaneous social encounters off the seat of a motorcycle. Today we are transitioning to a time with new leaders and the people are facing new challenges and attitudes. I am curious how spontaneous encounters with complete strangers off the seat of a motorcycle would go when considering our country’s current state of affairs.

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