David Siqueiros was born in El Paso Texas in 1961. His mother Katy, is still today a Realtor Emeritus and his father Salvador was a Consultant of Foreign Languages for the El Paso Public School System. At age seven David became enamored with photography and by his junior year in high school converted his bedroom into a darkroom sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag for over two years. He attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA earning a BA of Fine Art in Professional Photography.

In 1984 David moved to New York City and was employed by photographer Ross Whitaker as the studio manager for Studio 901 at 156 Fifth Avenue. This was no ordinary studio.  He was exposed to elite fashion photographers including Arthur Elgort, Mario Testino, Stan Malinowski, Bruce Weber, Gilles Tapie and Jacques Malignon who were all working for the world’s top publications including Italian Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, and Cosmopolitan magazines.

In 1985, David was befriended by Katie Ford of the Ford Model Agency and began shooting many of the Ford models including Andy Warhol, Patricia Van Ryckeghem and Clotilde. His client list developed while working on projects with Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and 3M. David soon traveled to Sydney, Australia where he was represented by Viviens Agency and photographed over 200 pages of editorial for Australian Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. After returning to New York, he was in high demand and at the urging of London agent Juliia Kirk bought a one-way ticket to London and began shooting for Cosmopolitan, British Vogue, Harrods, Avon, Janet Reger, Max Factor, the London Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph.

He was soon off to Milan with agent Georgio Repossi working for Cento Cose, Amica, Italian Max and Glamour magazines. During this phase in Europe, David and his Harley Davidson traveled through almost every western European country. Studio Photography and Design Magazine published an article about him and featured his easygoing attitude and freestyling work. Numerous London television stations featured him within entertainment segments.

Today, spurred on by the evolution of computer based image editing, David describes his creative position as an expressionist who uses the traditional photographic medium and the latest in digital technology to convey his images. In his compositions he seeks that which he feels is beautiful and emotional. David’s preferred photographic medium is black and white which he feels takes the viewer out of the realm of reality. In his pop art expressions, he enjoys the same effect as it allows the viewer to focus on the image itself. David feels that fine art black and white photography is pop art in its purest form. Previous and existing clients include Locman Watches, Perry Ellis, Elizabeth Arden, 3M Corporation, Sony Records, the Related Group, Niche Media, Ocean Drive Magazine, Romero Britto, and Bal Harbour Shops,

David currently resides in Miami with his wife Andrea and daughter Rebecca, enjoying the multi-cultural aspects of the city and all that it embraces.

Are you here looking for a famous Mexican muralist? That’s David’s great uncle – DAVID ALFARO SIQUEIROS.