Welcome! If you are looking to bring your photography or video editing to a whole new level and have fun doing it, you have come to the right place. David’s courses, workshops and video classes are designed for all levels from beginners to experienced photographers and video editors. And all classes are limited to 5 to 15 students for providing maximum attention. This is the place to come and learn new tricks and to understand how to get the shots and editing tips you want.

You will have alot of fun in both the classes, the workshops and video classes and you will see the incredibly fast improvement of your skills which will be phenomenal! Please have a look around the site and then contact us to treat yourself to something stimulating and motivating. Check the news section for updates or go to the contact page to sign up for the upcoming newsletter and get in on the fun.

David Siqueiros, is an exceptional photographer recognized and published on a worldwide basis. Read this article about David and decide for yourself if he is the kind of photographer you an learn from. His video work is also pretty amazing.

Over the years, David has taught many different photography classes and has given guest lectures on a variety of photographic topics. After many requests, he has finally created a formal framework through which to share his knowledge and passion for photography. Come meet new friends and share your passion for photography with David.

Visit David’s professional websites at and for more information about David and to view view his professional portfolio and video work.

Private and semi-private classes
The private and semi-private photography classes are tailored to your individual requirements. These classes are designed to accelerate the learning process or work on specific skills and is available to both beginners and advanced students. The course content is designed to suit your individual needs and will focus on specific areas you’d like to improve and master. Here’s your chance to pick a professional photographer’s brain! Get the results you want quickly with one on one classes or hook up with a friend or two and come take a class together. Private video classes are also available with David.

Please note: Minimum booking of four hours is required for private and semi-private classes. Please email for more information about private and semi-private classes.




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